Message from Nell

Dear Beachgoer:

The beach houses are on a beachfront lot overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. They are separate houses with a tall fence in between. Sanddollar has a front ocean view, and Seagull has a beach, sand and cypress view. Sanddollar has a deck across the front right on the sandy beach with an ocean view. Seagull also has a patio directly on the beach with a side ocean view, plus an upper deck that looks over the top of Sanddollar for miles of a white water surf view. Both have additional patios and decks, plus there is a shared deck with a sunken spa overlooking the sand and surf. The shared deck/spa is on a time-share system for private use.

Driving on the beach is permitted, but non-street licensed vehicles are restricted to the nearby sand dunes. There is a walkway, vegetation and sand fencing between houses to the sandy beach, where you can build your campfire, play volleyball and relax close to the water's edge. You can rent horses to ride on the beach, fish, wade, kite, sunbathe, clam, surf, build sandcastles, and throw bits of bread into the air for diving seagulls to catch ... all right in your back yard.

You are near shopping, restaurants, live family shows, plays and other entertainment; golf; hot spring and swimming pools; tennis; Lopez Lake with its water slides; Avila Marina; bike trails; and a block away from enchanting trails around a lovely lagoon (bring your rubber raft!) where a thousand ducks will surround you if you bring popcorn.

The beach houses are equipped with Mr. Coffees, vacuums, microwaves, and popcorn poppers... the works.


Dr. Nell Langford

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